Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Bowl French Bread

This is another favorite, yummy recipe from my friend Joella.

1-1/8 C - Warm water
1 T - Honey
1 T - Active dry yeast
1/2 t - Salt
1 T - soft shortening
3 C - Flour

1. In a large bowl combine warm water and honey
2. Add the yeast, allow to soften
3. Add salt, shortening and 1-1/2C of flour, stir to combine
4. Add remaining flour, stirring well
5. Leave the spoon in the batter and allow to rest 10 min.
6. Stir down & rest until you have done this 5 times.
7. Turn onto floured board and knead 2 or 3 times
8. Divide into two equal parts.
9. Roll into 9x12 rectangles
From here I will do different things depending upon the meal. Sometimes I will make a double batch so I will have 4 loaves to feed everyone. Sometimes I will put cheese and meat onto the rectangle and then roll up. OR I will make a desert bread by putting cinnamon and sugar onto the rectangle before I roll it up.
10. Roll up from the long end, pinch the ends shut.
11. Put onto a greased and cornmeal dusted cookie sheet
12. Cover and raise for 30 min. You could do this in a warmed oven. Or turn your oven on the lowest setting while you are preparing the batter then shut it off while raising the bread.
13. Cut slashes at an angle, bake at400 for 30 min.

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