Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hawaiian Haystacks

This is a family favorite. It can be the ever-growing plate of food too as you pile toppings on. You can try to keep it small but it ends up big anyway. It is mostly a healthy meal depending upon how much rice you start with. I will have to post a photo after tomorrow night's dinner.

This recipe has 3 major components; Sauce, Rice, Toppings

Start by cooking enough brown or white rice for your family.


I usually use
2 cans of creme of chicken soup
1-1/2 cans from soup, filled with milk
1 C sour creme
Garlic sat to taste
Chicken, cooked and chopped.
I usually use chicken breast because I only eat white chicken meat. But you could cook the legs or thighs and they would taste fine too.

Combine all the above and cook until hot.

Our Toppings - Each family has their own favorites that may differ from my list.
chopped celery
chopped onions
shredded cheddar cheese
chow mein noodles
chopped tomatos
pineapple in chunks or pureed(goes farther)

Start with a pile of rice, pour your sauce over that and then add the toppings of your choice. We usually serve this in bowls for the children to try and keep it all in one place.

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