Friday, October 17, 2008

You Must Try This! - Recipe Review

I finally won a blog give-away! It guess it pays to stay up late and be the first one to see the posting! I was up late working on my blogs and saw Sara's late night post at Our Best Bites for the Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream Sandwiches! I couldn 't believe I was the first one there and she had a give-away! I hesitated to comment, feeling guilty like I stumbled into an open bank vault.
Sara showed up at my door yesterday with the fun basket filled with everything I needed to make her yummy ice cream sandwiches! So I got busy and made them! I have heard of using cake mixes to make cookies but have never done it! Now I will stock up on cake mixes when they go on sale! The cookies turned out yummy and were easy to make.

These ice cream sandwiches are yummy, decadent. I now ask myself why I even bother buying ice cream sandwiches at the store? I am not an ice cream lover at all. I could live my life without it and have no regrets. However, these are a yummy, fun treat. The possibilities of combinations are endless. Use your imagination!

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Sara said...

glad you liked these- yours look great! (and since mine are all gone now, you're making ME drool! lol)